BLS ‘Features’ en handboek.

BLS ‘Features’ en handboek.


  • 180km of challenging virtual train track
  • Approximately 70 km of electrified main line and branch lines
  • About 40 km of S-Bahn line
  • About 70 km high-speed route between Brennitz and Augustinustal
  • Beautifully designed new vegetation, realistic buildings and old railway systems
  • Experience everyday life as a train driver in 8 challenging tasks
  • All tasks with train and station announcements, as well as dialogues between dispatcher and train driver
  • 18 Quickdrive – scenarios (quick game) with AI – traffic and switchable announcements
  • ICE line from Brennitz to Augustinustal with line train control
  • Ks – and H/V signaling system
  • PZB and GPA magnets
  • Siegerland shunting station
  • Realistic level crossings including faults and functioning PZB
  • New weather system
  • New soundtrack for the 3D tracks

The rolling stock was contributed by Virtual Railroads and TrainTeamBerlin:

  • A real workhorse, the class 111 (2nd and 4th series) in traffic red, plus the double-deck coaches DABz 756.0 (1st class) and DBz 751.0 (2nd class), as well as the matching mobile DBbzf 761.0 control car.
  • In order to be able to enjoy a high-speed ride, this add-on contains the ICE 1 redesign from the same company.
  • Sliding wall wagon Hbins292
  • Flat car with tarpaulin Kijls 450
  • Zaes articulated tank car
  • Articulated pocket wagons Sdggmrss 738 and 739
  • Taehms 887 swing roof car
  • The company TrainTeamBerlin has made the BR152 series available as an AI variant for this add-on.


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